浪费 & 林县未来的回收规划


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The Cedar Rapids Linn County Solid 浪费 Agency was created in 1994 via a 28E agreement between the City of Cedar Rapids and Linn County with a charge to provide Linn County with integrated solid waste management options. 该机构最初的收费将于2044年6月30日结束. This is the last day garbage can be accepted at 1954年县主路, Marion,位于澳门网上真人赌场填埋场和资源回收大楼所在地.

Just because the landfill will close does not mean garbage will stop. The Solid 浪费 Agency takes in more than 600 tons of garbage daily. 林县的澳门网上真人赌场仍然需要处理. 事实上, the landfill on County Home Road is projected to be full before 2044 due to factors including increased debris after disasters such as the 2020 derecho.

The Solid 浪费 Agency is currently undertaking the 向前2044 study. 这一努力, 由中情局董事会领导, will ultimately decide the future of solid waste management in our community. 

到目前为止, 董事会做出了保证健康的决定, 安全, 和福利,通过成本效益, environmentally sound practices for the management of solid waste generated in the county. 这些决定, 以及未来的人, 是否以董事会会议的反馈意见为指导, 向持份者作简报, 还有一次公开会议.


  • 延续到2044年. 这包括继续提供废物处理管理服务, 回收服务, and 家庭危险废物 collections for Linn County residents.
  • 不会在林县新建澳门网上真人赌场填埋场.
  • The Agency will look to build a regional organics management facility in Linn County. 管理食物浪费的区域性解决方案,  院子里的废物和刷子更划算, and larger volumes allow for additional technologies to be employed. 也, this will help Linn County be prepared to handle large volumes of organics in the case of a future natural disaster. 

To help the public better understand the 向前2044 planning process, 中情局绘制了一幅远景图. This document provides a high-level look at the decisions the board will make as they move toward their goal of continuing to efficiently manage waste within Linn County.



This planning process is an opportunity for our community to establish a successful, 可持续发展的, 和安全的未来为澳门网上真人赌场的固体废物管理的需要. 该机构最初考虑了2044年以后的八种情况. 这些都是经过筛选的, 使用诸如可靠的工作经历之类的因素, 成本, 环境可持续性.

The board of directors has decided not to pursue siting a new landfill in Linn County. 这一决定是由多种因素决定的, 包括由于分区限制而缺乏可用土地. That’s not to say a landfill won’t be part of the future waste management solution the board ultimately selects. There could be a new regional landfill developed in tandem with public or private partners – it just wouldn’t be located in Linn County. 

The board is still considering scenarios that could include transfer stations or alternative technologies, 如将废物转化为能源和厌氧消化. Learn more about the types of technologies and programs that could be part of the Solid 浪费 Agency’s future waste management scenario:


由于现有堆填区处理废物的能力持续下降, reducing the amount of materials in the landfill is a high priority for the Agency. 这种转移可以采取多种形式, 包括增加回收, 堆肥食物澳门网上真人赌场, 家庭危险废物, 将床垫和家具从废物流中移除, 将废物转移至其他堆填区, 在堆填区拒绝接收入境废物, 和更多的. Each ton of materials diverted at the source will save room in the landfill. 浪费 diversion requires items to be separated from the collection point, 这意味着消费者在这些项目中扮演着重要的角色.


These programs convert some solid waste into energy through various methods. 燃烧澳门网上真人赌场, 也称为燃烧, converts water into steam which turns a turbine to generate electricity. 还有许多其他形式的能源浪费项目, including the use of bacteria to break down organic matter (anaerobic digestion), 好氧堆肥和机械生物处理. 


在中西部地区, landfilling is largely found to be an economically favorable waste management practice. At some level, landfilling will continue to play a role in the holistic waste management process. Alternative technologies can drastically reduce the amount of waste materials needed to be landfilled. However, residues and by-products of alternative waste technologies must still be managed. 堆填区可透过本地或区域的方式完成. The Board has decided not to site a new landfill within Linn County. A new landfill could be sited with public or private partners to serve many communities, 但它将位于其他地方. This process follows various federal, state, and local procedures and policies. Many different factors are considered when determining where to site a new landfill, 包括成本, 位置及环境影响.


浪费 transfer stations are a point between a community’s solid waste collection program and a final solid waste disposal facility. 在从住宅和/或企业收集固体废物之后, 它被送到一个转运站, where the waste is compressed and grouped together for economical transport to a final facility elsewhere. 不需要建造新的澳门网上真人赌场填埋场, a waste transfer station approach would add additional 成本s in the collection and transportation of waste to its final destination. Presently, waste is taken to the landfill, and a tipping fee is paid for disposal. 有一个转运站, there are additional 成本s for taking garbage to a transfer station facility, 把它装上卡车, 然后被送到澳门网上真人赌场填埋场, 除了小费.


其他资源 & 常见问题



- Summary of successful management practices that may be replicated to aid in solid waste diversion and long-term financial sustainability

目标 & 目标与基础设施选项分析标准

- Infrastructure Options:  Refinement of Options for Detailed Analysis




- 展望2044年第一阶段概述 & 更新



- 4/20/2021

- 5/18/2021

- 6/15/2021; 28日e审查 & 机构的作用

- 8/17/2021 展望2044年的目标、目的和指导标准

- 12/21/2021 基础设施分析 & 成本(场景1 ~场景5)

- 1/18/2022 基础设施分析-利益相关者会议结果

- 3/15/2022 基础设施分析 and 成本ing 更新: Sustainable Return on Investment

- 5/17/2022 初步选址评估

- 7/19/2022 展望2044年董事会研讨会目标

- 1/17/2023 展望2044年废物经济实地考察回顾

- 3/21/2023 展望2044年董事会研讨会

- 3/21/2023 向前2044 Executive Summary of TM 2022 食物浪费 Digester Feasibility Study


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